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We are currently experiencing a supply shortage due to the Pandemic our services are on hold until supplies are available, we apologize for the wait. Book your mobile IV therapy below: Click your [...]

Meyers Cocktail IV

Meyers Cocktail IV What is a Meyers’ Cocktail? The Meyers Cocktail is an IV therapy mixture of vitamins and minerals. Dr. John Myers, the creator of this intravenous vitamin and mineral [...]


Mobile IV Therapy Nurse RN Jobs/Careers Are you a dedicated medical professional seeking new employment opportunities in and around the Phoenix, AZ area? Do you have a magic touch with an IV and [...]

Hangover Statistics

Hangover Statistics 2021 A family history of alcoholism makes it 91% more likely to get a hangover Online alcohol sales surged by 350% during the COVID-19 pandemic People are 75% more likely to [...]

Hangover IV

Hangover IV Drip Treatment Hangovers: A Rude Awakening From A Great Night Often, an evening of fun can lead to a morning of regret. Especially if the drinks keep coming. But, what is it about [...]

Rapid Covid Testing

Get Your COVID-19 Results Fast With Rapid Testing Covid-19 has proven itself to be a very contagious virus. In fact, it is spreading faster than ever before. You may want to have a rapid test [...]

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