Mobile IV Therapy Nurse RN Jobs/Careers

Are you a dedicated medical professional seeking new employment opportunities in and around the Phoenix, AZ area? Do you have a magic touch with an IV and the ability to easily memorize vitals? Perhaps you are a self-starter looking for a more independent, locum tenens position? If so, Drip AZ IV Therapy might have a job for you.

Our company is seeking qualified medical professionals to join our team of Registered Nurses, Physicians Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners in and around the Phoenix area. Drip AZ IV Therapy is a mobile IV infusion company that provides service to the Scottsdale, Phoenix, West Valley, and East Valley areas as well as maintains a brick-and-mortar IV therapy clinic(opening soon), which is situated in Scottsdale and Chandler, AZ.

Our team prides itself on delivering professional IV hydration services to your home, business, or alternative location that meets our clients’ needs. Of course, we can also schedule an in-person patient appointment at our convenient Scottsdale location.

We are currently hiring full-time customer service personnel and RNs for our mobile IV therapy services and clinic(opening soon). Nurses will be employed as independent contractors and work as freelancers with a very lucrative split. Job candidates will be managing their own business as well as keeping track of their expenses, mileage, and supplies. Most of the current job vacancies involve our mobile IV therapy unit. As such, these positions will require a significant amount of commuting to and from patients’ homes as well as other locales.

Mobile IV therapy nurseHere are some of the criteria we are looking for in our candidates:

  1. Must Be State-Licensed and Hold Current Certification(s) in AZ
  2. Current AZ RN License Is Required for Nursing Positions
  3. ER, Triage, Urgent Care, or Other Related Experience
  4. Self-Sufficient and Motivated
  5. A Whiz at IV Starts
  6. Affable & Approachable
  7. Must Be a Tech-Savvy Individual
  8. Must Be Flexible, Fast, and Efficient
  9. Able to Thrive in an Independent Work Environment

Our staff administers IV fluids, medications, and vitamin supplements to individuals in the comfort of their own homes or whatever location is convenient for them. We treat a myriad of conditions and ailments, such as viruses, migraines, morning sickness, hangovers, cuts, allergic reactions, and sprains as well as general health and wellness concerns. Moreover, we also provide care for those suffering from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, MS, neurological disorders, and heart-related issues, as well as those in need of terminal care and palliative comfort care measures.

Our team works under the daily supervision and direction of a Phoenix concierge medical physician, who develops our protocols and crafts a customized treatment plan for each patient based upon their individual needs. This medical doctor is available to our patients 24/7/365 via house calls, telemedicine, or in-person consultations.

Does this job opportunity spark your interest? For more information, view details on or click here to contact us directly about applying for a job.