A Brief Guide to Using Banana Bags

One of life’s joys is going out with friends and having some drinks, but it’s easy to get carried away when your favorite night spot offers one-dollar pitchers of beer or when you go too far in a drinking game. On occasions when your body is assaulted by too much alcohol, serious treatment measures are sometimes best, and that’s where a banana bag can provide needed help.

What is a Banana Bag?

A banana bag is an intravenous treatment contained in a clear plastic bag. The yellow liquid in the bag is what led to its nickname. The liquid contains a variety of vitamins and electrolytes that some patients may be lacking, especially if they have alcohol use disorder (AUD). This treatment also helps treat severe hangovers after a night of binge drinking.

Uses for banana bags

An intravenous treatment might seem like an extreme measure to treat a hangover, but it is also a very effective approach. Hangovers can last up to three days. People suffering from them are plagued by rapid heart rates, brain fog, fatigue and persistent headaches. The treatments are also referred to as “rally packs,” and they provide speedy delivery of medicine due to the delivery directly to the bloodstream that only intravenous treatments can provide.

One of the important functions of banana bags is to replenish vitamin B, which is often depleted by excessive alcohol consumption. The 100mg dose provided by the banana bag helps improve brain function that is impaired during a severe hangover or when suffering symptoms of AUD.

Rapid or erratic heartbeats can be mitigated by the thiamine and magnesium electrolytes included in the treatment. One form of B vitamins, folate, also helps to improve sleep, and a multivitamin component protects the immune system that can be impaired by heavy alcohol use. The saline solution is an ideal medium for delivering nutrients into the bloodstream rapidly and effectively.

Other benefits

The banana bag IV method of treatment has some advantages over more common household remedies for hangovers. Getting up to the kitchen to make coffee can be a chore when suffering a hangover, whereas a banana bag can be administered while you lay in bed. The intravenous method is faster and more efficient than ingesting oral remedies. Some patients report that the banana bag has them feeling relief within minutes.

What’s in a Banana Bag?

For those that are in the ICU suffering from chronic alcohol use disorder, a banana bag is one of the treatments. The banana IV bag contains one to two grams of magnesium, 100 mg of thiamin, one milligram of folic acid, and a multivitamin formulation. It is placed in either a saline water solution, or dextrose. The banana bag has been shown to help some patients greatly, but it is not known whether or not it is good for those that have underlying conditions like Wernicke’s encephalopathy.Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is important in the function of the cells. It works well with thiamine. For patients suffering from chronic AUD, they may benefit from magnesium supplementation as it can help suppress cardiac arrhythmia, which is an issue that happens for some people suffering from chronic AUD.


For patients that have alcohol abuse, they are often low on the essential vitamin, thiamine. Thiamine deficiencies can lead to the onset of Wernicke’s encephalopathy. To help prevent this condition., this vitamin is included in the banana bag. If a patient does have WE, they will need a stronger dosage than 100-mg to help treat the condition and prevent any further issues from arising.

Folate deficiency is commonly seen in chronic AUD patients. A deficiency in folate can lead to sleep disturbances, agitation, and psychosis. For critically ill patients, it is preferred to give folate via IV. When a patient is critically ill, their body will slowly absorb the folate and not get it into their system quick enough. When a patient gets folic acid through their IV, it should be between 400 mcg to 1000 mcg to ensure that they get enough of this essential vitamin.


The banana bag provides a low dose of daily vitamins. If a patient is critically ill, they may have more severe vitamin deficiencies and may not respond well to the low dose of vitamins in the banana bag. They are, however, included and may help some patients.

The banana bag ingredients can be places in dextrose or water. The choice of use will depend on the patient. If a patient is dehydrated, the banana bag should be given with saline water. If the patient is in an alcoholic ketoacidosis state, dextrose should be used.

The banana bag will help patients that may be deficient in nutrients, vitamins, and electrolytes due to Chronic AUD. The clinician will need to make sure that the banana bag is enough for the patient. If additional vitamins and minerals are needed, these will need to be given at a higher dosage.

Where to Get a Banana Bag for Hangovers

If you like to party hard, it’s a good idea to find a banana bag in preparation for your next severe hangover. You can find them online at websites such as the one provided by Drip AZ. This company specializes in a variety of intravenous products that provide relief for common health problems. The company also has a phone number that you can call to schedule an appointment for them to provide treatment at your home. The next time you go too far on a night of alcohol consumption, remember that an intravenous treatment is available that can get you back to health rapidly the next day.

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